September 2020 Newsletter

Former Uber Security Chief Charged in 2016 Hack Cover-up

The former chief security officer of Uber Technologies, Joseph Sullivan, has been charged with obstruction of justice for his alleged role in the cover-up of the 2016 hack of the company. This is according to a press release from the Office of the United States Attorney in Northern California.


August 2020 Newsletter

3 charged in massive Twitter hack, Bitcoin scam

A British man, a Florida man and a Florida teen were identified by authorities Friday as the hackers who earlier this month took over Twitter accounts of prominent politicians, celebrities and technology moguls to scam people around globe out of more than $100,000 in Bitcoin.


July 2020 Newsletter

Twitter hack: Everything you need to know about this massive cyberattack

Some of the world’s most influential people, including celebrities, tech pioneers, and politicians, were victims of a massive Twitter account hack on Wednesday.


June 2020 Newsletter

Hurricane 2020: How to prepare your electronic devices and your data

As Florida residents, many of us are familiar with the steps to prepare our homes and the supplies needed for our hurricane kits.


May 2020 Newsletter

Hurricane 2020 Preparedness During The COVID-19 Pandemic

As you continue to take precautions to keep yourself and your family safe from the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, it is important to stay prepared for other disasters.


April 2020 Newsletter

Stay Cyber-Secured As You Work From Home

As the world’s workforce moved to working from home literally overnight to slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus, here are some important reminders to keep you working securely.


March 2020 Newsletter

It’s tax season, here are six steps to avoid tax scams

1. File early: Filing as soon as you can is the best way to keep identity thieves from using your data. By getting your 1040 to Uncle Sam first,


February 2020 Newsletter

Orangeworm Hacker Group Attacks Health Care Sector

1. Know what you have Identify all of your devices (including desktops, laptops, smartphones, TVs and printers) and applications (e.g., email, software, web browsers


January 2020 Newsletter

Cybersecurity challenges in 2020: What they are and how to tackle them

Once upon a time, cybersecurity was a field of relatively marginal interest for the majority of people.


November 2018 Newsletter

New cloud strategies: 6 key trends reshaping an already hot technology

Any organization interested in modernizing its IT portfolio and fueling digital transformation must embrace cloud computing.


August 2018 Newsletter

Blockchain 101: All you need to know about this red-hot technology

Blockchain is the newest and hottest trend sweeping the world of technology today.


July 2018 Newsletter

How Managed IT Services Help Small Businesses

A company I know found a unique way to improve customer service and outflank its competitors.


June 2018 Newsletter

Company Lessons from Hurricane Harvey

As another hurricane season approaches, here are a few lessons learned from Houston that can help.


May 2018 Newsletter

Orangeworm Hacker Group Attacks Health Care Sector

A recent report from Symantec’s Security Response Attack Investigation Team has zeroed-in on a hacking collective that is harassing the health-care industry.


April 2018 Newsletter

I’ve Just Suffered a Data Breach! Now What?

Companies holding your data are being hacked left, right, and center. It’s becoming such a common occurrence that some of us will likely find ourselves on the ugly side of a data breach. What can we do if our data is compromised and falls into the hands of hackers? How can we protect ourselves?


March 2018 Newsletter

Five Cyber Threats to Worry About in 2018

Hackers are constantly finding new targets and refining the tools they use to break through cyber defenses. The following are some significant threats to look out for this year.


December 2017 Newsletter

Uber paid off hackers in massive data breach cover-up

Uber is a company that has been in a PR tailspin for some time now. Between shafting their drivers in payments to the business that the company has siphoned away from traditional cab drivers, the corporation has not had a great public perception. Things weren’t helped by a massive data breach that exposed well over 57 million customers and their private data (such as names, email addresses, driver’s licenses, and phone numbers) to cybercriminals.


September 2017 Newsletter


When a massive cybersecurity threat event like WannaCry ransomware occurs that captures public attention, there is always a larger response from security professionals to stop the bleeding.


July 2017 Newsletter


Ransomware, for quite some years now, has stopped merely being a part of cyber-fiction and is a dismal reality that has cost billions of dollars to unsuspecting, lethargic, and laggard


June 2017 Newsletter

Is a Digital Geneva Convention in our future?

Malicious hacking and cyberattacks have been all over the news lately, from the dangers of Internet of Things products to the allegations of Russian intervention in the U.S. presidential election.


May 2017 Newsletter

WannaCry: The implications of the largest ever ransomware Attack

Well, here we are as all members InfoSec community warned. The perfect storm of conditions has led to the largest ransomware attack in history. Over the weekend, according to The Hacker News, 99 countries and 200,000+ machines came under attack from WannaCry (as well as offshoots of it like WanaCrypt0r 2.0). This ransomware is based on the code in the leaked NSA malware.


April 2017 Newsletter

Emerging networking technologies to keep an eye on

I’ve always been particularly fascinated by the power of networking computing devices together. Over the last several decades the hardware, software, and protocols that undergird how networks work have been evolving at an incredibly fast rate.


March 2017 Newsletter

“Big, bigger, biggest”: Top big data trends for 2017

We hear a lot about big data and its influence on IT, enterprises, and various businesses. In fact, it is currently one of the most talked-about subjects in technology. With the advent of big data, the world is witnessing a major shakeup in the processing and analysis of data.


February 2017 Newsletter

“Popcorn Time” ransomware: Infect your friends, get decryption keys

Think ransomware is already vicious and cruel? A new variant raise the ante on nasty. Ransomware is growing at an alarming rate. From your basic file encryption to entire hard drive encryption, coders of this malware are getting more creative as time goes on.


April 2016 Newsletter

Which Flavor Of The Cloud Is Right For You

Secure data backup, greater reliability, better resource and growth management options, and improved collaboration are just a few of the reasons to take full advantage of cloud computing today.


March 2016 Newsletter

Relying On A Good Luck Charm?

Carrying a four-leaf clover might work for leprechauns.


February 2016 Newsletter

A Backup Plan You’re Sure To Fall In Love With

In today’s fast-paced, datadriven world, backups are mission critical to your company’s survival and success.


January 2016 Newsletter

Upgrading To Windows 10? Avoid Headaches, Downtime And Frustrations By Following This Advice

For the past few months, we’ve been swamped with questions about Windows 10.


December 2015 Newsletter

Missing Just One Of These Could Instantly Open Up Your Computer Network To A Cyber Attack

Welcome to the brave new world of cyberwarfare.


November 2015 Newsletter

Last Chance To Save Up To $25,000 In Taxes On IT Software, Equipment And Services

While many tax incentives for small business have been shot down in recent years, Section 179 of the IRS tax code remains one legal “loophole” worth looking into.


October 2015 Newsletter

3 Big Lies VoIP Salespeople Will Tell You To Get Your Money

Beware: The truth you need to make a good decision can be hard to come by. Here are a few “gotchas” to watch for when talking to VoIP system sales reps:


September 2015 Newsletter

Cybercriminals Now Have A Bull’s-Eye On Small Business... Is Your Company’s Data At Risk?

In a December 2014 survey by the National Small Business Association, 61% of small businesses reported being victims of a cybercrime within the past 12 months.


August 2015 Newsletter

Do You Keep Your Server In A Closet? If So, You Need To Read This Summertime Warning

Confusion. Dizziness. Fatigue. Muscle cramps. These are some of the first signs of heat exhaustion in humans.


July 2015 Newsletter

The 5 Most Dangerous Pieces Of Information To Give In An E-mail

In the book Spam Nation, investigative journalist and cybersecurity expert Brian Krebs revealed the single most effective (and relied upon) way cybercrime rings gain access to your bank account, credit cards and identity. Ready for it? E-mail.


June 2015 Newsletter

3 “Gotchas” Most IT Pros Won’t Tell You When Selling You Their Cloud Solution

Are you using any cloud applications to store data? Then listen up! There are a few “gotchas” you need to know about 3rd-party cloud apps that most sales reps will NEVER tell you.


May 2015 Newsletter

Do I Need To Back Up Data That’s Already In The Cloud?

The compuing world is forever changing. Over the last 15 years, SaaS (software as a service) providers have offered the convenience of data backup for your cloud applications such as CRM systems, SalesForce, Google Apps and Microsoft 365.

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